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Custom Mirrors in Fairfax, VA

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Mirrors are something most of us use every day, so they shouldn't be out of reach or an improper size. When you work with Circle Glass, you have your choice of custom mirrors in Fairfax, VA, exactly how you want them. You choose the size, decoration, and placement, and we design your mirror to match all of your specifications. Our company's main focus is custom glass, so we can make any mirror work with any space. Call us today for a free estimate on your project.

Our custom mirror contractor works with both residential and commercial clients. We've created and installed mirrors for gyms and studios as well as houses of all shapes and sizes. Our over 45 years of experience have helped us hone our skills so that we can cut your mirror in just a few business days. No matter what kind of space you have or what mirror you need, you can always expect nothing but professional service from us.

Make Your Morning Routine Simpler

Getting ready isn't fun when you have to jump to see even the top of your head. Our custom mirror company can fix this problem with a wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling option that's made for you. You'll be able to see all of your outfit and get a better idea of how you look before leaving the house. With our mirrors, you'll feel like you're in a store trying on clothes-right in the comfort of your own home. We can even do mirror doors for your closet, so you can easily see how well your outfit in the same place that you put it on.

Bathroom with Custom Mirrors in Fairfax, VA

Our Custom Mirror Service Improves Your Whole Space

A mirror isn't just one extra piece; it's an investment in an entire room. The right mirror can make a space feel much bigger without expensive and time-consuming remodeling work. You can pick whether to include a frame with yours for an additional artistic touch; we design them both with and without. Both can amplify the lighting to give you a brighter feel, and it can be made to fit even a small room. Once it's installed, you may find that your new mirror improves your home's value, making it well worth the investment.

Contact us to begin making your mirror today. We cut them for clients in Great Falls, McLean, Vienna, Arlington, and Alexandria, Virginia, and the nearby neighborhoods.
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