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Glass Table Top in Fairfax, VA 

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Multi-function is one of a homeowner's greatest assets, and a glass table top in Fairfax, VA, designed by Circle Glass is a prime example of why. We can create you a piece that enhances and shows off your furniture—and your whole décor—while protecting it at the same time. Our contractors can cut your glass into any custom shape you want, allowing you to get creative and make a design statement unique to you.

Our glass table top contractor offers free estimates, has more than 45 years of experience, and does work that's high-quality enough to earn us an Angie's List Super Service Award for five years straight. We work with all kinds of glass and any type or size of furniture, and we take precise measurements to ensure a perfect fit. You'll know the cost before we get started, so there are no surprises.

Glass Is an Easy Investment

One of the best parts of a glass table top is how easy it is to clean and place anywhere. Other materials need special cleaners and can become damaged or greasy if the wrong one is used. Our glass, on the other hand, just needs a dry clean cloth and a spray bottle of water or glass cleaner. You'll love how simple it is to have a clean surface whenever you want, and you'll never have to worry about trying to preserve the color in the process, as would be the case with wood.

Our glass table top company can place your new addition anywhere you like. The beauty of glass is that it matches absolutely any décor. Whether you're the contemporary type or you favor the traditional, we can make glass work perfectly in your space. We can even add it to any type of furniture. Although glass tops are most commonly used for kitchen or dining room tables, we can also place them on coffee tables, trunks, barrels, and other pieces. You even have the option of using glass to highlight your wood and the features around it, such as an area rug. Wherever it goes, our glass will make the whole space look bigger and airier.

Kitchen Table with a Glass Table Top in Fairfax, VA

Providing Long-Term Protection the Stylish Way

Our glass table top service doesn't have to replace your wood furniture. Instead, it can complement and preserve it. Although wood may be a strong material, it's also easily damaged. Scratches, water rings, and sun damage caused by UV rays all take their toll. Our glass can safeguard it from those dangers, thereby prolonging its lifespan. This is much more practical and less expensive than constantly buying special cleaners. The high payoff for this project is crystal-clear.

Contact us and request a measurement for your furniture's new table top. We design and install these all over Great Falls, McLean, Vienna, Arlington, and Alexandria, Virginia, and neighboring areas.
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