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Laminated Glass in Fairfax, VA 

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You may like the look of glass but worry about its durability. Fear not; Circle Glass has the answer. We sell and install laminated glass in Fairfax, VA, that's incredibly high-performance and much stronger than typical glass. This gives you, your family, and your belongings will enjoy greater protection from natural disasters and break-ins. We can even customize this glass for you prior to installation, so you don't have to sacrifice aesthetic for quality.

Laminated glass contains an interlayer of Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) stuck between its layers to improve its structural stability. This keeps it from shattering, and instead allows it to break into a web pattern like a windshield on a car. Burglars, strong winds, and flying debris have a much harder time breaking windows like these. Ask our laminated glass contractor about bringing this option to your property and you'll receive a free estimate.

Preserving Your Possessions and Your Wallet

There are a wide range of reasons why laminated is some of the best glass you can buy. For one, it has the unique ability to protect your furniture. The glass reduces the UV damage from the sun, protecting your pieces from fading. This also applies to carpets, curtains, and any paintings you have hanging on the walls. Replacing any of these is expensive if not impossible, and our glass can spare you that endeavor.

Lowering the heat can help you save money too, since you no longer have to work your AC as hard to be comfortable. One investment in our laminated glass company now can lower your energy bills every month. Another reduction is the amount of noise. Our glass can muffle the sounds you hear outside, helping your home to stay peaceful and quiet. This is perfect for a home office or study, or a bedroom so you can sleep easier at night.

Laminated Glass Service Made Simple

Although this type of glass is made differently than others, it's still just as easy to clean. The color and strength stay intact for years, and it's the safest choice around. The fact that it doesn't shatter means it's much more secure than other materials to have overhead. In fact, many building codes worldwide requires laminated glass. Installation is a quick and easy process, especially when it's completed by highly experienced hands like ours. Just give us a call and you'll soon be enjoying maximum safety.

Contact us to learn more about laminated glass and its many benefits. We provide this material throughout Great Falls, McLean, Vienna, Arlington, and Alexandria, Virginia, and the neighboring areas.
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